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  V2 Group, A Bangkok, Thailand based Risk Consultant Company for corporates & Governments
Risk Management for Corporates,
Institutions & Governements

How is your family, your business, or your entire corporate prepared in case of Terrorist Attack, National or International Disaster, Epidemic, Riot, Chemical or large Biological incident, Evacuation plan?
Security, Investigation, Due
Diligence & Background check

Security Services of Private Investigator for Corporates, Business Fraud and Insurances Companies in Bangkok, Thailand and all the rest of Asia. We are specialized in video surveillance, missing person, criminal or civil case investigation, witness research and interview, litigation support and more..

Close protection for governement
& legitimate corporate ONLY.

Professional Bodyguard Service for Close Protection of VIP in Bangkok, Thailand and all around Asia.
As the other services, we do only Governement, Diplomats and Legitimate Corporates
Security & Military Trainings
Our Security Training programs are dedicated to corporate,
government and professionals only

Polygraph / Lie detector Services for corporates
Polygraph, also known as a lie detector test or exam, is a highly effective investigattive tool traeditionnally only utilized by police and governement. However, it is now available to all individuals and private compangies in Thailand
Indonesian Security Services Singapore Malaysia security services Vietnam and Cambodia security services
Oversea Chinese Corporates Security Services Africa Security services Maritime security
Security driver course Weapon qualification course Armored cars services
Security training for hotel and corporate Work in hostile Environment Business Intelligence for corporate
Explosive Ordonance Disposal (EOD) Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Bomb awareness courses
American Chamber of commerce The Bristish chamber of commerce Franco-Thai chamber of commerce             Axis consulting protection

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